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Solongo Help Organization

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Founded by Ms. Margaret Sabwa, the Solongo Rehabilitation Group is a family driven non-profit help organization dedicated to:

Solongo Help Organization

  • Eradicate poverty -SOLONGO Group teaches the locals on how to become self-sufficient by introducing them to new skills and encouraging them to work together as a team in combating poverty and improving their quality of life.
  • Educate the children –SOLONGO Group emphasizes on the importance of teaching the children. After all, they are our future and deserve to be given the chance of an education in order to successfully find future employment and make a better life for themselves and their family and this keeps them away from getting involved in crime and other illegal activities.
  • Help improve Health Conditions – SOLONGO Group provides informational sessions on how to reduce avoidable medical conditions which may arise within the community.
  • Provide equal training opportunities – SOLONGO Group helps men and women develop skills which will help build their confidence and a stepping stone for their future.
  • Fight Deforestation -SOLONGO Group has started educating the locals on the importance of tree planting and teaching them the consequences of deforestation which will eventually affect the ecological balance of nature.

tree plantation training Solongo Help Organization

This is only made possible with your support, participation and compassion.

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give”

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