About us

Guidance on how to better their lives through rehabilitation programs


Solongo is a non-governmental organization founded by Ms. Margaret Sabwa, in Western Kenya, Sabatia Constituency, Chavakali division.

Our workshop programs are based in Chavakali at the Eldoret, Kakamega junction.

Bearing in mind the economic and social hardships and especially their ramification on the well being of the youth and women and the vulnerable members of this society, we decided to start the Solongo Rehabilitation Group. We realize that the economic hardships within our community was placing the youth in such a precarious situation that most of them ended up engaging in anti-social behaviours like petty theft, thuggery, drug addiction, prostitution, drinking of illicit brews and the attendant problems associated with the above.Please Donate

Various programs have been developed to help educate and guide the people to a brighter future.

Our ultimate aim is:

  • to eradicate poverty
  • provide education for the children
  • provide guidance and training whilst teaching them new skill-sets such as pottery, bee-hiving, agriculture and computer training courses
  • prevent further deforestation by becoming more environmentally aware of current doing


Sabatia Constituency statistics

1. Area approximately 59.2 sq. km

2. Population estimation: 162,000

3. Growth rate of 3% per annum

4. Average family size: 8-10 persons

5. Mean land holding of 0.35 hectares

Our Governance

A dedicated team consisting of;

1. Patron/Chairlady- Ms. Margaret Sabwa (Contact)

2. Secretary - Ms. Christine Muhlematter (Contact)

3. Assistant Secretary - Ms. Ruth Kadagaya (Contact)

4. Treasurer - Ms. Elizabeth Owino (Contact)

5. Board Member: Ms. Serah Ingaiza (Contact)

6. Internet Marketing - Mr. Patrik Muhlematter (Contact)

7. Economist - Mr. Brian Senelwa (Contact)

Office Committee and 5 other members elected at general meeting

Elections are held every 3 years The Patron/Chairlady presides over all executive committees and general meetings.

The Secretary handles all correspondences, issue notices for all general and committee meetings. She is also held responsible for maintaining records of all meetings.

The Treasurer receives and disburses all monies belong to the group and maintains accurate records for Auditors.

The Committee manages the group and distributes tasks to the members in order to optimize the group's objective. They also solicitate funds through HARAMBEE (a Kenyan tradition of community self-help events such as fundraising or development activities), loans and donors. The Committee will always have the organizations best interest at heart.

Meetings are held bi-annually


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