Mission vision

Our vision is a poverty-free and self-sufficient society.
All this can be achieved when poverty is eradicated, children go to school, men and women get skilled, and there are enough employment opportunities for people to earn their living.
To bring about this change we promote and work towards:

  • Rehabilitation of the youth in the society
  • Creating employment opportunities for the youth in the rural areas
  • Teaching the youth in the rural areas how to utilize local resources - both for artistic and commercial purposes
  • Improving the standard of living of the youth
  • Advocating and lobbying for assistance from local communities to enable them to plant trees for re-forestation and commercial gains
  • Providing mass education and training to the community on tree plantation
  • Providing professional, advisory and consultancy services to the community and encouraging them to convert the information into habits that improve their tree planting activities
  • Encouraging income generating and health improving activities in the community
  • Creating jobs at village level to reduce poverty
  • Re-creating rain-catchment forests and saving the fast drying streams
  • Encouraging fruit farming for nutritional and economic gains
  • Encouraging plantation of Jathropa, which saves the expenses of lighting houses and cooking, besides commercial gains from the sale of Jathropa seeds

We pursue our mission with compassion & excellence

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