Past experiences

Solongo Rehabilitation Group has been involved in the past in a number of projects all aimed at empowering the men and women in the rural areas so that they have a source of income to cater for their daily needs. Some of the projects Solongo did were pottery, pig farming and free seed distribution and planting. All the above mentioned projects were aimed at providing employment to the local inhabitants in the strive to eliminate poverty.


The pottery project used qualified potters to train the youth who in turn trained other youth in the art of pottery making thus giving them means to be independent.


Free seed distribution and planting
The free distribution of seeds was aimed at teaching the people how to make the best use of the limited land they possessed and get income through selling the produce.


Pig farming
Solongo's pig farming project was organised in a way that it involved the local population and benefited them directly and indirectly. Solongo bought pigs from the people around or gave pigs to those who had enough space and provided feed and care. The pigs were then bought from them at a fair price.

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Urgent help needed for new farming project in progress.