Free seedling distribution and planting

After the stopping of the pig project Solongo Rehabilitation Group ventured into seed distribution and planting. As the region is densely populated, the people have small pieces of land and most of the time they planted crops like maize. The problem here was that because the pieces of land per family was small, the maize was able to feed them but did not go a long way. So Solongo Group organized meetings and taught the population about more effective farming for small pices of land. They proposed to the people to grow things like vegetables instead. On the same piece of land they were able to produce substantial quantities of tomatoes, green peppers and beans for example. These could be harvested more times in a year than maize and from a small piece of land the produce was much greater. The seeds were distributed for free and later on when they harvested Solongo Group bought their product thus giving them a regular income.

Urgent help needed for new farming project in progress.