aid projects

Aid Projects

The Solongo Rehabilitation Group is continuously researching into new programs on how they can help improve the quality of life for the community. There are always several new ideas and programs in the pipeline, unfortunately, due to lack of funding, they are kept on the back-burner until they are able to start them with the help of your monetary support.

Some of the projects:



Reforestation for Africa Project

The aim of this project is to help save the environment and educate the community on ways of preserving, managing and improving the way they utilize the land in order to help preserve for the welfare of all Kenyans.

At the same time job opportunities are created.

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Educate a Child Project

Help us educate the children so that they may be provided with a brighter future

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Sponsor a Child Project

You can change the life of a child by supporting them. Sponsorship will go towards the education of the children as well as their basic needs like school, food, medicals etc....

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Farming Project

One of our latest pilot-projects which we have launched is our Farming Project whose aim is to teach the locals on how to work their lands in order to produce food, jobs and income

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Bee Keeping Project

This is an exciting project which has enabled the people to learn an additional skill-set and generate some income.

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Jigger Campaign Project

In order to combat further jigger infestation, commonly known as a sand flea, the organization have developed a campaign which has successfully distributed over 500,000 pairs of shoes to the community.

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