Reforestation Project for Africa

The aim of this project is to help save the environment and educate the community on ways of preserving, managing and improving the way they utilize the land in order to help preserve for the welfare of all Kenyans.


At the same time job opportunities are created.


Putting hands together to help make a difference


The aim of this project is to help keep the community interested in the preservation, management and improvement of our environment for the welfare of all Kenyans.


We also want to educate the local community on the importance of Agro-forestry and to guide them on the implementation of it. And, to teach the local community how they can benefit from the growth of agricultural forestry by creating skills which enable them to learn how to grow their own food and take care and respect their land.


With farming of various fruits such as bananas, mangos, pawpaw, avocados, passion fruits etc, according to the ICRAF and UNEP, this action would help combat climate change, boost food production and eradicate poverty.


Fertilizer trees which capture nitrogen from the air and transfer it to the soil are vital. It is estimated that if grown widely the use of commercial nitrogen fertilizers will be reduced significantly and at the same time the crop yields will be more than double.


We are all about “kazi kwa vijana”. How many of us are doing something about it. We can not solely depend on governmental support; if we each create a few jobs for the youth in our community, many Kenyan youths will be employed and tree planting can employ thousands of young people.


This of course requires funding and that is why we are urgently requesting money in order to continue building and further developing this project.

Our Work plan

1. Planting of seeds: - Our plan is to plant seeds to have the seedlings ready for the rainy season.
2. We have a resource centre.
3. Recruitment of field staff and training them. This is done by foresters.
4. Identifying sub-centres in other parts of the district
5. Mobilization and sensitization of the Community.
6. Training of the community on tree planting
7. Distribution of seedlings to the community and monitoring the planting of the seedlings.
8. Field staff to follow up on planted seedlings.
9. Presentation of activities reports to the donor.

Our Expenses

Budget Item Cost in US Dollars
Cost of preparing 200k tree seedlings $22,440
Mobilization, sensitization – logistical fees $5,165
Transport costs – movement to planting centers for collection $1,965


Fee Contribution from the Solongo Rehabilitation Group (volunteer and member contributions) $8,807


Our organization welcomes experts in this field - your knowledge adds value to our existing program. Please Contact Us should you be interested in providing feedback, support, advice, comments on how we can continue to improve on doing our share of respecting the environment.


Should you be interested in visiting our premises to help further educate the Kenyans, please Contact Us


For those coming to Kenya to offer development assistance, obtaining a visa will not be an issue. PhD students / Associates / Trainees are welcome

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