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Help US so that we may help ourselves

Sponsorship is a special kind of giving to others. The Solongo Rehabilitation Group's aim is to reduce the high level of poverty within the community by developing projects which will provide them with the knowledge and know-how on how to become self sufficient so they may have hope for a better future.

This can only happen with your generous contribution towards any of our many projects which the organization have started. Please select the project which you would like to sponsor:

Donation for Farmland in Africa

Urgent financial help is needed for the purchase of farmland in Africa, we need more land. With your donations, you will help us purchase an additional 10 hectares of cultivable land. Please help make this happen with your generous donation

Please help donate for Farmland in Africa

Donation for Reforestation in Africa

Help save the environment and educate the community on ways of preserving, managing and improving the way they utilize the land by donating for reforestation in Africa.

This program offers a dual function; it is teaching the locals how to conserve and live off their land without causing further damage and teaching the Kenyans on how to re-plant trees and maintain a safe equilibrium between themselves and nature.

Please help donate for Reforestation in Africa

Donation to Sponsor a Child in Africa

With your donation for children in Africa, you will help provide them with sustainable access to appropriate life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education.

Please help donate to Sponsor a Child in Africa

Donation to help Educate a Child in Africa

Unfortunately the schooling system in Kenya is extremely costly and therefore the majority of children are unable to attend, but with your financial support, donations to help educate a child in Africa, they can finally get the education they deserve

Please help donate to help Educate a Child in Africa

Donation for Jigger Campaign Project in Africa

The Jigger Campaign project will help reduce the cases of jigger and combat against this menace by educating the people about it and providing medical treatment to those infected

Please help donate towards the Jigger Campaign Project in Africa

Donation for Bee Keeping Project

The Bee Keeping project will harness the great potential of commercial honey production which will empower the community by diversifying and increasing their income, enabling them to have better access to healthcare, better education for children and ability to purchase alternative energy to fuel wood

Please help towards the Bee Keeping Project

Donation for Farming Project

The Farming Project will educate the community about sustainable agriculture set of practices that will have a lower impact on the environment. They will learn how to work their lands in order to produce food, jobs and income.

Please help donate towards the Farming Project