farming project

Farming Project

Actively combating poverty agriculturally

One of our latest pilot-projects which we have launched is our Farming Project whose aim is to teach the locals on how to work their lands in order to produce food, jobs and income.


However, due to severe climate change and the unfortunate extended dry spells in Kenya, our farming project is enduring extreme obstacles which we need to overcome with your Help.


Because of the current environmental situation, the country has resorted to importing the basic staples which is a short-term solution, but very costly and not feasible to many.


We need more land to be able to grow local produce to feed the people which will also enhance more job opportunities and allow the cost of food to drop considerably, making it affordable for everyone.


Solongo Group will teach the locals on the importance of cultivation and respect towards the environment. This essentially means that we will not over exploit the land ridding of its nutrients and there will be strict control on the usage of insecticide and fertilizers.


Currently our pilot project is covering a private plot of about 1/8 of an acre which we are planting tomatoes in green houses with the gracious help of trained and experienced agricultural technicians made available to us by the Kenyan government.


Funds are urgently required in order to purchase additional farmland to plant different kinds of vegetables and cereals which the locals will farm and not only give them the opportunity to earn a living but it empowers them with knowledge on how to sustain farming on their own.


Your Donation is urgently required - Donate Now!