Jigger Campaign Project

bee keeping projectThe Solongo Rehabilitation Group have actively become involved with this project campaign to help reduce the cases of jigger and combat against this menace by educating the people about it and providing medical treatment to those infected.

The jigger, scientific name "Tunga penetrans", is a sand flea that is brought about by poor hygiene conditions and breeds in dirty areas. It mainly occurs on the feet, often on the soles, the toe webs and around or under the toenails of both adults and children.

Without proper medical treatment, the heavy infestations may lead to severe inflammation, ulceration and fibrosis, as well, lymphangitis, gangrene, sepsis, the loss of toenails, auto amputation of the digits and death may also occur. Tetanus is a common secondary infection that can lead to death too.

There are several repercussions when an individual becomes infected with jigger:
-inability to walk easily due to severe pain caused by the affected areas
-inability to live a normal life
-stigmatization by neighbors
-low self esteem
-infections such as HIV / AIDs are passed from person to person due to sharing of pins

As of today, the Solongo Rehabilitation Group have successfully distributed over 500,000 pairs of shoes throughout the community and have collaborated with the Ministry of Health in Kenya in educating the people about this disease and providing medical treatment . This is an ongoing project which needs further resources and financial assistance in order to continue providing the help which is much needed in these sub-rural areas in Kenya.

Please help support this project through donations.

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