Educate a Child

Educate a child to shape today's child into tomorrow's future.

educate a child

Our sponsorship program of $35 USD a month will help to educate a child and help them build a stronger foundation for their future.


Unfortunately the schooling system in Kenya is extremely costly and therefore there is a high level of illiterate people considered as outcasts in society and thus turns to a life of crime and violence. By educating our children, we are leading them into the right path towards a brighter future and this in long-term, will help reduce crime rate and the many evils which are mainly caused due to an individual's lack of education, knowledge and frustration.


Your $35 USD a month donation will be used towards the child's school fees, stationery & school books, school uniform, health care and food. You will also be informed on their progress and may contact the child directly.


Educate A Child Today


Our Pledge: 100% of your donation will support this child’s education program.