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Environmental Initiative Projects

We all know global warming is a serious problem which effects everyone from all corners of the world. That is why we are doing something about it; taking steps to help combat excessive carbon footprint by educating the community and implementing new ways on how we can function each day and help conserve the environment. Every little effort counts - The Solongo Rehabilitation Group is making a difference, please read about our initiatives.



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Reforestation in Africa

The aim of this project is to help save the environment and educate the community on how they can preserve, manage and improve the way they utilize the land and improve their livelihood and Kenyans on the whole for generations to come.

At the same time, this initiative addresses hunger, lack of employment and creates job opportunities.

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Beekeeping Project

The aim of this project is to produce honey for health, for income generation and to protect the environment, as beekeeping significantly contributes to forest conservation, poverty alleviation and empowers the community whilst improving their biodiversity.

Beekeeping plays a vital role in environmental conservation.

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Farming Project

This project is aimed at educating the community about sustainable agriculture set of practices that will have a lower impact on the environment, as climate change and agriculture are interrelated processes.

This farming initiative will teach the locals on how to work their lands in order to produce food, create jobs and income.

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