Ms. Margaret Sabwa

Margaret Sabwa was born in western Kenya, Keveye. She went through her primary school education and later continued her studies at the Alliance Girls High School.


Through hard work, she started a successful Garment Factory business and later lead an import / export company where she worked for several years, before deciding to leave this all behind and move back to her natal village and start a community driven organization.


The reason why she decided to leave her job and return to her village was because her heart fell when she observed that her village was quickly deteriorating and decided to take initiative in providing whatever she could to help improve the situation. There were so many children who had become infected with AIDS and abandoned in orphanages. Crime, drug addictions, alcoholism, unemployment and prostitution were at a high and she wanted to give back to her community, by trying to help and guide these people towards a better path.


This is how the Solongo Rehabilitation Group was born.


One of the very first initiatives was a Pottery Project which taught the youth and women of the community a new trade which would help them in the future earn a living and become more independent. Statistics clearly showed that through this initiative, the crime-rate dropped which made the Group even more eager to commence a new project which was Pig Farming.


Pig Farming provided a new trade which not only helps keep the men off the streets, but help them earn an income. Unfortunately the project came to a halt due to lack of funding.


However, Ms. Sabwa never gave up hope and started to launch an Environmental Initiative Project which would have an impact on the environment and at the same time provide a livelihood for the villagers, as tree nurseries were being set-up and people were encouraged to plant additional trees in order to revive the dying woodlands.


Regular informational sessions were held in the villages to educate the people on the importance of tree planting and the consequences of deforestation. Through this initiative, jobs have been created and food has been provided on their tables.


Margaret Sabwa is relentless in her efforts to improve the standard of living in the community. She was recently given recognition from the Office of the President for the efforts she has put and is still putting into the conservation of the environment.