Promoting Health Awareness in Kenya
Released on 10.06.2013

Health and education are key factors which contribute in achieving economic growth throughout the country. Over the years, members of the Solongo Rehabilitation Group have been actively involved in educating the youngsters about the importance of health hygiene and diseases which can be avoided by learning how to use simple hygiene measures.

In collaboration with some local health centres within the vicinity of the community, the group collected various educational materials to help them teach the surrounding schools about health awareness and disease prevention. Such materials included slides, brochures, posters, pictures etc...Reception by the school students were extremely positive that the group decided to visit local villages and speak to them about their techniques of rendering water safe to drink.

The importance of boiling water before drinking it was emphasized during these visits, as not everyone has filters at their disposal due to lack of availability and affordability. As well, the group encouraged them to use ceramic pots (which are locally made) to store their water instead of using plastic containers which are less easy to clean and disinfect.These visits have proven to be successful as the general community’s health has improved. Statistics have shown that there are less people visiting the local clinic with children who in the past, suffered from waterborne diseases. A disease such as cholera can be kept under control be using basic hygiene measures which we discussed during our visits to the schools and villages.