Jigger campaign receives an additional 20'000 pairs of shoes
Released on 19.09.2013

This past March, the Solongo Rehabilitation Group successfully distributed over 500,000 pairs of shoes donated to them by an American company who remains to stay anonymous. TODAY, they have received an additional 20,000 pairs of shoes to be distributed throughout the community to those in need.

This project went beyond the group’s expectation and it helped hundreds of less fortunate people around the community who never ever owned a pair of shoes prior to this.

The group has put forth a lot of time and energy towards this project in order to combat further jigger infestation. A jigger, scientific name “Tunga penetrans”, is a sand flea that is brought about by lack of hygiene and breeds in dirty areas. A jigger-infested foot is completely disfigured and extremely painful. This is a nationwide issue that had to be addressed immediately.

The people who are mostly affected by this atrocious disease come from poor backgrounds that cannot seek or afford medical treatment, let alone purchase a pair of shoes. By acquiring an additional 20,000 pairs, this will circulate amongst these people and through education and proper medication; the jigger epidemic will hopefully come to a near end.

The Solongo Rehabilitation group is extremely grateful and thankful towards this extremely generous donation given to them. The Ministry of health in Kenya continues to support this cause and work in collaboration with the group to help combat jigger.