An Additional 20 Bee Hives for the Solongo Rehabilitation Group
Released on 22.11.2013

20 Bee Hives

The Solongo Rehabilitation Group has had the privilege of receiving additional sponsorship fee to purchase 20 new bee hives for the community from FairTech Ltd.

In early 2013, this project was started in attempt to help empower the community by teaching them a new skill which would allow them to become financially independent so they can afford healthcare, an education and a better life, as well, this project plays a vital role in environment conservation.

As of today, the Bee Keeping project has been very promising; the community has been working together as a team to ensure a healthy harvest which they have achieved and with the addition of 20 bee hives, this will continue to provide the community with steady growth and continue creating job opportunities for both males and females.

In the organization’s efforts to help support the environment, the honey produced is 100% organic. The area where the bee hives are kept is located on the outskirts of the only remaining rain forest in East Africa.

The Solongo Rehabilitation Group is striving to keep the rain forest from disappearing with their Reforestation Program. This program aims to help save the environment and educate the community on ways of preserving, managing and improving the way they utilize the land. The community now replants trees on a regular basis to help the environment.