Solongo Rehabilitation Group Proudly Attends the Edumed Trust Scholarship Awarding Program
Released on 09.06.2014

child 2

This Christian Charity Organization supports the secondary education and medical needs of potentially bright students coming from unfortunate families who are unable to provide for them.

Each year the Edumed Trust presents a 4-year scholarship to approximately 30 students across the country which will help them pursue a high school education. This year’s candidates have been accepted to the National High School.

The funds raised for these scholarships come from ordinary Kenyans who graciously give part of their monthly income to Edumed, as the community is aware that providing an education to the children not only provide them with hope for a better future but reduces poverty and crime that is rampant amongst the uneducated.

Everyone qualifies for this scholarship as ethnicity, race and religious background are irrespective during the selection process

The Solongo Rehabilitation Group is extremely proud of the selected students and wish them all the very best in achieving high academic performances during their scholastic years.