Partner with Us

Two heads are always better than one

Partnership with us is more than just giving but forming a partnership who believes in the collective responsibility of the community, people and the environment and trying to create a sustainable future together.


We want our partners to work closely with us by also offering support, mentoring and their expertise on helping us rehabilitate the people of Kenya.


If you are an organization or company interested in becoming sponsors by either contributing funds towards our projects or offering your expert advice, please contact Here

Give a part of your organizational profit or turnover to a project…


You can give a part of the turnover or profit of a particular product…

In today’s society, it is in the best interest of everyone to be held socially responsible. When selecting either of the two options, you have the opportunity to inform your customers / clients that for every purchase made, a percentage is contributed to charity to help aid the welfare of society and the environment.



Your company will appear on our sponsorship webpage. Alternatively, you may donate anonymously.

Anonymous contributions are welcome

Sponsor a Child either as an individual or corporation. When sponsoring a child, only $35 USD a month, you will shine light onto their future by providing them with the necessary education they require for a promising future.


You level of involvement depends on YOU, There are no limits on partnering with us – when you become a partner, you are helping;

-to educate the youngsters

-to help create employment for the people – with your sponsorship fee we can continue teaching them new skill-sets to help them help themselves

-to help alleviate poverty and hunger

-to help improve the overall health of the people

-to help educate them with regards to sexual transmitted diseases

-to help them preserve their land and forestry

-to help make this a better place to live in..